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Why did you decide to do Dr Clare’s Course in Herbal Medicine?

"I decided to do this course because I wanted a greater knowledge of herbs how they work and how they benefit us."

"I have wanted to do this course since it first came out, mainly because I wanted to learn more about herbal medicine and its uses and to be prepared to use this knowledge in Dr Clare's shop either as a volunteer or an employee."  

"I absolutely love herbs and welcomed the opportunity to learn more about how to use them for both myself and others."

"I am extremely interested In herbs, & the health store I work in Stocks Dr Dilis Products so I jumped at the opportunity to study with the academy!"

"To have a better understanding of the basics of herbs."

"I've always used herbal remedies for my own health, and for friends/family who has minor health problems and I wanted a more solid foundation of knowledge alongside my own knowledge from personal experience."

 "I am interested to know more about the herbs and have the knowledge for what they are for."

"As I work in a health food store it is nice to have as much information as possible. More information is coming to light on herbs every year, and the last time I did a herbal course was about 15 years ago."

"I have a keen interest in herbal medicines for my own personal use and my family's. I like to try the natural alternative to OTC medicines if at all possible."

"When I could not get the help and guidance from the doctor that my children needed...I started looking at other ways I could assist my kids and was lucky to find Dr Clare and her team. I believe in the old saying...knowledge is power. In doing this course...I feel it gives me more knowledge, more strength to make more informed decisions on matters which play a part in our overall health. It puts the power back into my hands."


What did you think of the course and out of five how many stars would you give?


"5 STARS. I think this course is very informative and at times challenging overall a very good and helpful course."

"5 STARS. Quite comprehensive gives a detailed account of Dr. Clare's blends and how to use them. Also discusses herbs in general and includes accompanying material which is relevant to the field of natural medicine."

"5 STARS. Brilliant. Really informative and well put together. The only thing I would add; would be a video to show you how to make a tincture from herbs."

"5 STARS. Fantastic course! thoroughly enjoyed it. Have expanded my knowledge greatly. Is there a follow on course available?"

"5 STARS. I am enjoying the course. I thought it would be more on herb basics but appears to be more focused on products Dr. Clare sells."

"5 STARS. I'm sad that I have just completed it! Very comprehensive but not overwhelming to someone who hasn't studied for a while. Dr Clare has a lovely light way of teaching that felt very informal and non-intimidating. Would love to do more courses at progressing levels in the future! (Plus online study very useful for those of us who live remotely.) smile Thank you!"

"5 STARS. The course is nice and handy to do, the videos are easy to follow, she speaks in a nice tone and clarity. It is a helpful course. 

"4 STARS. So far the course is very interesting, and I am looking forward to unit 2. However, I do think that the technical anatomy vocabulary in some of the side lectures needs to be simplified, as not everyone has done an anatomy course."

"5 STARS. The course was so very comprehensive and very interesting. I got a broader and more expanded knowledge of herbal actions throughout the course. I liked the personal touch through the lectures by Dr. Clare and how she made the content easy to understand and memorable through humour and little anecdotes. It was a very informative and pleasant course. I'm very happy to have participated in it."

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