"I decided to do this course because i wanted a greater knowledge of herbs how they work and how they benefit us. I think this course is very informative and at times challenging overall a very good and helpful course."

"I am extremely interested In herbs , & the health store I work in Stocks Dr Dilis Products so I jumped at the opportunity to study with the academy! Fantastic course! thoroughly enjoyed it . Have expanded my knowledge greatly. Is there a follow on course available?"

"I've always used herbal remedies for my own health, and for friends/family who have minor health problems and I wanted a more solid foundation of knowledge alongside my own knowledge from personal experience. I'm sad that I have just completed it! Very comprehensive but not overwhelming to someone who hasn't studied for awhile. Dr Clare has a lovely light way of teaching that felt very informal and non-intimidating. Would love to do more courses at progressing levels in the future! (Plus online study very useful for those of us who live remotely.) smile Thank you!"


(Please see IIMH.ORG for more details on Clinical Training and Further education in herbal medicine. 

“I am currently studying Nutrition & Health Coaching with IINH in Bray and love the idea of helping future clients with alternatives and simple ideas. I found you very inspiring and have recommended your clinic and talks to other students in my year. I hope to see you again mid summer for your garden walk - in fact I cannot wait!”

— S. King re Dr Clare's Public Talk on Herbal Remedies for Everyday Health

“As this was my first session in clinical training I didn’t know what to expect but Dr Clare was great at putting me at ease and including me in the consultation where appropriate. While it is essential to attend lectures and read books, the real learning starts when you see the interaction between herbalist and patient. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn under Dr Clare as she has a wealth of experience as well as a wide variety of patients coming to her clinic. I look forward to continuing this learning journey under her guidance”
— B. Barry, Student of Herbal Medicine

“I would thoroughly recommend to any student studying Herbal Medicine to spend time with Dr Clare in her Herbal Medicine clinic. She has such a rich medical knowledge and understanding of the human spirit that she is able to get to the heart of her patient’s health problems with laser-like precision, conducted with such genuine care, wit and Irish charm. It was a real privilege spending time with Dr Clare - she is a true ambassador of the Herbal Medicine profession”
— H. Shardlow, Student of Herbal Medicine
I am a final year student of Herbal Medicine – BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine, University of East London. I recently spent some time on placement with Rd. Dilis Clare, G.P. and Medical Herbalist at Health and Herbs, Sea Road, Galway.
I really recommend spending time in placement with Dr. Clare. To say I gained from spending time with a trained professional Herbalist with a wealth of clinic experience is to my mind an underestimation. I consider the placement to be essential and invaluable to my training and formation as a Medical Herbalist.
Dr. Clare had many appointments with patients. I sat in on consultations, with the consent of the patients’, while Dr. Clare demonstrated and supervised my performance of clinical skills, such as taking of blood pressure readings and abdominal examination (as indicated in a particular case). Her professionalism and rapport with patients gave me the confidence to ask for any assistance and clarification I needed. I gained a wealth of knowledge with regard to:
· Clinical Diagnosis
· Patient centred care
· Treatment Planning - Herb actions and the basis of treatment with Herbal Medicines to restore health
· Formulation of Prescription; having due regard to safety and possible drug interactions and contraindications.
I wish to thank Dr. Clare and the wonderful staff at Health and Herbs for permitting me to do a placement there. Health and Herbs is a wonderful resource in Galway; a beautiful well stocked shop with consultation and meeting rooms.
I stayed at low cost in comfortable, homely accommodation provided by Dr. Clare in Knocknacarra, which is very close to Galway city centre. I used the 411 bus every day from Seacrest Knocknacrra to get to Health and Herbs, which is in Sea Road Galway. The journey time was 15 to 20 mins and the bus left me very close to the shop and also departed for Knocknacarra from a stop just 3 mins walk away from the shop in the evening.
I wish to thank Dr. Clare and the staff of Health and Herbs, Sea Road, Galway for making me so welcome. Placement with Dr. Clare is extremely worthwhile for any student of Herbal Medicine”
— B. McCormick, Student of Herbal Medicine

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