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Interview with Dr Clare in the Galway Advertiser

Picture of Ruth Ruane
Interview with Dr Clare in the Galway Advertiser
by Ruth Ruane - Thursday, 6 September 2018, 12:28 PM

Thank you The Galway Advertiser Charlie McBride talking to Dr Dílis Clare.

"She points out that the patient has to bring something to the herb as well as the herb treating the patient; “Some people find it a bit frustrating because it doesn’t deliver that quick whack of improvement you can get from drugs. It’s about thinking it through for yourself. I describe what I do as people doing a diploma on their own health and addressing questions like who are you, what’s happening in your life that means your body is complaining? A symptom is your friend – it’s telling you to pay attention to something that’s wrong and you can often answer that query yourself when you look at your situation. You have to make a little bit of effort.” Read more 

Borrowed Energy From Sun to Healing 

by Dr Clare