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GDPR Changes and Privacy Policy Updates

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GDPR Changes and Privacy Policy Updates
by Ruth Ruane - Monday, 4 June 2018, 1:25 PM

Hi All, 

This email is important to you if you value your membership on Dr Clare's Academy. We have recently installed the latest security updates to our website and this includes GDPR compliancy tools. Next time you login to the academy you will see that you have to consent to our updated policy before you can continue. You only be asked to do this once. If you don't login your data and account will be deleted within the next 6 weeks. We will send you one more reminder before the deadline. 

We have also made it easier for you to access your data, if you go to your profile you will see a link to contact our data protection officer and make a request to access your data.

Many thanks. 

Your administrator

Ruth Ruane