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New Course Testimonials
by Ruth Ruane - Wednesday, 5 July 2017, 10:31 AM

Course Testimonials

"I decided to do this course because i wanted a greater knowledge of herbs how they work and how they benefit us. I think this course is very informative and at times challenging overall a very good and helpful course."

"I am extremely interested In herbs , & the health store I work in Stocks Dr Dilis Products so I jumped at the opportunity to study with the academy! Fantastic course! thoroughly enjoyed it . Have expanded my knowledge greatly. Is there a follow on course available?"

"I've always used herbal remedies for my own health, and for friends/family who have minor health problems and I wanted a more solid foundation of knowledge alongside my own knowledge from personal experience. I'm sad that I have just completed it! Very comprehensive but not overwhelming to someone who hasn't studied for awhile. Dr Clare has a lovely light way of teaching that felt very informal and non-intimidating. Would love to do more courses at progressing levels in the future! (Plus online study very useful for those of us who live remotely.) smile Thank you!"