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Clinical Training and travelling to Ireland from Abroad to Practice

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Clinical Training and travelling to Ireland from Abroad to Practice
by Ruth Ruane - Wednesday, 15 March 2017, 6:09 PM

Dr Clare offers clinical training in her clinic which may be accredited by some colleges. Attending the clinic offers experience in Herbal Medicine Dispensing and observing clinical practice. 
We have an associated community herb garden. We see a lot of significant pathology and clinical medicine at the clinic. Dr Clare works as part of a clinical team with Lara Jonasdottir as a herbal medicine colleague. Lara has a BSc in Herbal Medicine and is currently undertaking an Masters in teaching Clinical Medicine.
Dr Clare requires a written reference from your college to validate student status and good character.
Clinical Training fees are available on request.
Dr Clare teaches Medical Students and is a clinical teacher with the Heartwood Herbal Medicine Professional Training Course 
If you are travelling to Ireland from abroad there is lots to see here in the West of Ireland with the Wild Atlantic Way
The Cliffs of Moher
and Burren Beo

This is a beautiful short film of Irish Primary School Children learning about healing herbs

Pilgrim Paths Ireland is the national representative body for Ireland’s pilgrim paths. It was founded at a  meeting in Nenagh during the summer of 2013 and represents 11 community groups associated with Ireland’s principal penitential paths. The objective of this association is to promote greater awareness and use of Ireland’s historic pilgrim routes.

Accommodation may be arranged by the clinic if required.