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Thanks for the great reviews

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Thanks for the great reviews
by Ruth Ruane - Saturday, 26 November 2016, 3:20 PM

I want to share this wonderful course feedback, we are very grateful to all students and we love to get feedback.

"The course was outstanding by the way and I would love to progress further as a result of the knowledge I gained from the course so thank you and Dr. Clare." Shane Sheedy, Galway. Thank you Shane! 

"I have just completed my accredited foundation course and I just want to start it all over again! Thank you for a great insight into herbs and healing and hopefully I can continue to add and build on knowledge gained throughout the course. I really enjoyed the very powerful final video by Peter Gotzsche which greatly supported and confirmed my intuition for many years." Fiona Glynn Clare. Thank you Fiona

Best wishes and enjoy the rest of the weekend.